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Just wanted to give the details for the upcoming gathering....

Here are the final details on the event:

Day/Date: Sunday/June 12, 2005
Beginning time: 10:30 AM
Location: Rancho/Tenneco Suspension Manufacturing Plant
6925 Atlantic Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90805

Location on Southern California Map

The Rancho plant is located on the west side of Atlantic Avenue about a block north of the 91 freeway. The plant consists of four buildings. The parking entrance is the driveway on Atlantic. The lot has parking for about 60-70 vehicles.
Picture of the entrance to the plant on Atlantic Ave.
Street Map of the Location

The plant is located just NorthEast of the 91/710 interchange and beware, the off ramps are a little tricky to figure out.
If you're going North on the 710, you'll get off at Artesia, go East and then North on Atlantic.
If you're going South on the 710, you'll take the transition ramp to the 91 East and then take the Atlantic ramp off the transition.
If you're going East on the 91, you'll take the transition ramp to the 710 North and the Atlantic ramp off the transition.
If you're going West on the 91, you'll take the Atlantic off ramp.
If you're late to the meeting, we'll know you got lost. Check the map here for more detail:
91/710 Interchange Details

Everyone is welcome to attend the event...members and non-members (relatives, friends, neighbors, etc.)
There is no charge for attending the event.
Lunch will be by our own Chef Gene and will cost $7 per person.
There will be a raffle and tickets will cost $1 each (you must be present to win). Raffle items will be announced at the meeting.

Schedule for the event:
10:30AM Arrive and sign in. Get lunch and raffle tickets.
11:00AM Plant tour (To include manufacturing, shipping, and prototype research areas.)
12:00 Noon Lunch
1:00PM Raffle and SoCAPS meeting.
2:00PM End of the event! (Have a safe drive home!)

The Rancho Suspension Plant employs about 60 personnel.
They manufacture and ship about 750 to 900 suspension units a month. They are also a distribution point for Rancho shocks and Monroe products (manufactured in the Midwest).
2005 Rancho Suspension Web Page Note: They also make a leveling kit for the SuperDuty.
Rancho is not set up to sell directly from the plant, but there is a possibility they may be able to set up a discount sale to SoCAPS members through one of their distributors...we're working on this!! (It's a policy thing for Rancho and it may or may not be possible...the plant people are going to look into it.)

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Wow that sounds like a cool trip.. wish I could go... Have fun guys/gals
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