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This is Southern Truck and Tractor Puller's.
We are a Truck and Tractor Puller's Association located in Statesville,N.C.
We promote Truck and Tractor Pulling throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. We have a variety of different truck and tractors... Yes we have DIESELS.... CUMMINS, POWERSTROKES, and DURAMAX.....
And better than just having these they are doing what they do best pulling.... No better way to see Diesels at there finest then pulling to there maximum !!!!! Please thread and comment to us let us know what you think or if you like Pulling Events give us a call... Also check us out on Facebook under Southern Tractor Puller's, and also on our website at[/URL]
We are always looking for new Puller's who think they have what it takes!!!!!
We will be posting events for our 2010 season...
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