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Tools needed

3/8 drive ratchet
1/4 drive ratchet
17mm socket (3/8 drive)
8mm deep socket (1/4 drive)
3 inch extention for 3/8 drive
6 inch extention for 3/8 drive

I beleive it should be the same on the superdutys i did it on my 95 but i think it should be the same.

Start off by disconnecting batterys. Then remove the positive wire from the starter silinoid (17mm), remove the small red wire it is on above the two large positive and ground poles you need to reach up above them with the deep well 8mm. Once that is off you need to take the starter itself off, 3 17mm bolts hold it on. I suggest takeing the top one off first due to its location, I used the two extentions and reached above the starter selinoid with them and you need to feel around for the top bolt (17mm). After you take off the top bolt then take off the two bottom bolts and pull off the starter. Replace the starter put the two bottom bolts in hand tight while you are holding up the starter, then put in the top bolt. tighten them and re-attach the small red wire first, it is easier to do first before the large positive is on, tigheten that down. Then replace your large positive wire make sure to tighten but not too tight over tightening will strip the stud (dont ask me how i know about that one :( ). Re-connect your batterys and your good to go, it took me a total of about an hour laying on the cold pavement and taking a coffee break. Good luck.

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if you own a 95-97 truck, use starter from a 2003 7.3l
this starter is way cheaper and is gear reduction instad of planetary. also easier to change (two bolts instad of three)
you will get 30 rpm fater cranking
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