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I try to run some specials every now and then on our higher dollar products and I figured it is time to run a special on all of the Stealth Pump Sytems right now.

If you are needing or wanting a Big Oil system then give me a shout ASAP as I am feeling very generous this week and will be giving out SPECIAL pricing to the first few people that are interested.

I can tell you that you will need to hurry as the last batch is almost gone leaving less than 10 on the shelf right now and when they are gone we will be waiting on the next batch to come in from machinist.

The good news is once this batch is gone it will put the number of Stealth systems sold at the 100 mark.

A new option we have now for the Full Kits is you can get 2 new reman pumps for an extra $400.00 which will make your Stealth System new from end to end.

As always, all the Stealth Pump Systems have a FULL 1 Year Warranty on ALL parts that come in each kit. This Warranty even covers the reman pump/s that come with the Full kit.

You can check out the Stealth Pump System at the link below.

If you would like anymore information or pricing you can PM, email or give me a call and I will be happy to get you set up with a Stealth System or anything else you might need.

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