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stupid question about motor mounts

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do all the motor mounts for the superduty to cummins have to be welded?i thought they were just bolt in but ive seen some others welded?i dont know what to do as far as if you have to weld them cause i dont know anybody that can do this in my driveway:help
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If you buy Motor mounts for the SD to Cummins conversion you will not need to weld them. If you make them yourself you will. I used GOS singles for mine I have heard others use fordcummins mounts and have been happy enough with them. I know with the Autoworld and GOS and maybe the destroked (they might all be the same maker, I don't know) Mounts you will need to drill some holes in the cross member, it is easy when there is no motor in there. If I remember right the fordcummins mounts you do not need to drill any holes. If you do get the GOS mounts remember the longer mount goes on the turbo/passenger side of the motor. It can be hard trying to picture how all this will go together without tearing into it and having the parts in hand but when you get in there and you have all your parts it makes a lot more sense.

Are you planning to use the Cummins fan or go with an electric. If you plan on doing any towing I suggest the factory fan. you will need to make sure the motor sits far enough back to clear everything. also you might need to redesign your fan shroud I know my 6.0 shroud works fine but I don't know what the 6.8l shroud will do.

Also what are your plans for brakes? hydroboost or rig up a vacuum pump? You might start to look into that too so you can get your parts lined up.
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i plan on useing the cummins stock fan setup just like you far as the brakes go i hadnt thought about that yet.the hydro boost sounds the guessing my stock ford setup will not interchange?what parts do i need for the brake setup?
I would just get the whole hydroboost pedal, hoses, and reservoir from a 99+ SD (other years might work too) there should be several used ones out there. then you just need to take the hose to a hydraulic shop and have them put the right fitting on it for the dodge pump. If you can't get the hoses I have a brand new dodge hose you can have but the hydroboost side will need to be modified for the Ford fitting. Or worst case get a custom hose made like I ended up doing.
so really i already have the system but i just need the hos modified?how come you went with the custom hose and what was the cost?
I had to go with a custom hose because my 12v is from a medium duty truck (Freightliner FL60) so I have a different pump. It was just a better option for me to make a hose with the correct ends on each side. There is a shop right by my office that makes hoses they do work for our fleet trucks so I had them make up my hose cost about $65.00 but it is a really nice hose. They also made up my fuel lines.
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