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Superduty to 24V Throttle ?

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Hey guys, I am in the closing stages of putting a 2000 24V into my 99 superduty. The superduty is drive by wire, and the Cummins is not. Do they make a kit for this or what have you guys done? Retrofitted the Dodge cable or what?

Also, I twinned the Cummins, and am looking at either putting an Adrenaline w/pulse, or and edge w/juice on the truck. Do I just buy the model for the year Dodge that the motor came out of and hook it up or how does that work?

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Just use a Ford SD Gas, Gas Pedal and the Cummins cable. Very easy. And I would do a Smarty before I put any of the stuff you mentioned on there. JMO.

super duty gas pedal assemby bolts right up.

No need to the gas pedal...there's a detent in the arm on your pedal...just attach the throttle cable right there and run it through the hole in the firewall the gas trucks use.
Mine even has the full use of the electric pedals still.
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