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t444e fuel pump troubleshooting

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truck won't start
fuel filter housing empty
tank has fuel
just noticed fuel pump low pressure inlet hose clamp has backed off somehow and hose is loose
so i assume this is causing no fuel situation
pump is sucking air
i'll have to remove the intake Y to reach it
what happens if i start the motor with the intake disconnected?
will it start?
make funny noises?
bend a valve???
or start driving away cuz the crank relay is an awesome scary thing and the parking brake is broken and i have to pull off the battery cover to reach the master off switch?
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got the y off
tightened up all screwdriver hose clamps
they were ALL a little loose
no reason hose clamp coulda loosened and backed off fuel pump inlet
makes no sense
cept i let someone else install the new pump a while back since it was fueling the crankcase
why do i always pay when i hire a 'professional' ???
all back together
cranking gives me nothing
oil pressure comes up after a while of cranking
truck's been sitting over a year
solo battery is working well, been on the $60 desulphator low amp thingy
filter housing still empty after cranking for a minute
in better light, the stuff at the bottom is RUST STAINS, p o was a p o s
factory manual says crank for 20 seconds to check for fuel pressure
so i think the fuel pump does NOT prime itself and i have to go get diesel
since blowing air in the tank didn't do didly
and i couldn't get the pre filter off since i didn't want to break it
so i still don't even know what the stupid problem is
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i didn't try starting it with the intake off
oh well
but i filled the filter housing and took out the shrader valve holder and turned it over
a little diesel bubbled out but no start
i'm going to assume the pump and lines are o k and figure out why the cylinders aren't getting fuel
time to check the hpop tank
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