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We have a TEC Stage 3 VGT Turbo for an 03-07 6.0 Powerstroke. This turbo will support up to 750 Horsepower.

The Stage III/Black Lighting is a 77mm Tubine Wheel with a 66mm inducer/96mm exducer Compressor Wheel and flows 70lb/min at a 2.5 pressure ratio. Also, has a efficiency of 70%.

Retail on a new one is $2499. This turbo has about 800 miles on it, and was sent in for an updated compressor wheel and turbine wheel. It is literally a brand new charger. Comes with full one year warranty. Truck got a Cummins and this turbo wouldn't quite fit:confused: $2000 or best offer takes it. Free shipping!

PM with any questions.

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