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How many of you enjoy a generator..they have some ultra quiet units out there but nothing is as quiet as solar.
I'm seeing some smart truckers and RV'ers who are running all of their many accessories..stereo,laptops,fantastic fans, sat systems and TV's completely off of the banks of deep cycle batts with an inverter separate from the starting battery.Hell highway trucks are becoming very RVlike..and why not? anyway they charge three ways (engine alt,electric umbilical cord but mostly solar ) managing charging the starting engine and house batts exactly where they need to be even on overcast days.

I know this ain't an RV forum but we aren't that far apart anymore.

I'm looking at putting a system on the coach since I need to buy 4 house and one 4D because of age so been looking for a system/kit that'll run all my usual stuff and even charge a few things like phone and laptop...any suggestions on a quality system if you've been thinking about this..hell even at home.
I've got a 6.5kw gennie but it's noisy when parked and I really only need it to run the roof ac's which I usually turn off at night and use the fantastic fan which is 12v..everything else is gas, this rig is getting off the grid! :)
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