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There Actually Were Fords with Cummins Engines...

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There actually were Ford trucks with Cummins diesels... but on the Class 8 front (I presume this forum is solely for homegrown conversions?).

This relationship goes back to 1961, when Ford offered what were their first diesel-powered trucks in history. They were the H-series cabovers (replaced in mid-1966 with the W-series, and in 1978 by the CL series), and the Cummins engines were available in models HD-950, HD-1000 and HDT-950 (H-950-D, H-1000-D and HT-950-D in 1963).

These Cummins engines were six-bangers as most of you here should know, but in smaller displacements of 672 (NH-195) and 743 cu. in. (NH-220), rather than the familiar 855 cu. in. mills (NH-250, NTC-290, NTC-350, etc.) that would show up in these rigs in 1963.

In 1963, besides the first appearances of the 855 cu. in. N-series diesels in a Ford application, Ford also cataloged the V6-200 and V8-265 engines. The V6-200 (and the V6E-195 economy model) was for a time the only diesel engine available in their diesel F/T-850-1100 series. The V8-265 was cataloged for the N (short conventional) and the H series. Throughout the '60s, '70s and early '80s, Ford medium and heavy trucks had employed nearly every available Cummins diesel engine from the V-555 (used in the Louisville 8000 mediums) to the gargantuan 19-liter KTA-600 (available in the CL-9000 series).

Sometime in the early '90s, after Ford discontinued their two New Holland diesel sixes (the 6.6L and 7.8L) in their Cargo COE, they called on Cummins to supply them with two diesel engines to fill the void left behind by these Brazilian-sourced mills. The FD1060 is a rebadged B5.9/ISB (an engine also used in Dodge Ram pickups since 1989) while the FD1460 label corresponded to the C8.3/ISC.

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You can still buy an F650 with a CR Cummins and an Allison... however they are the industrial versions and you can't exactly crank big power out of them without converting all of the electronics to a light duty style setup. This forum is for those of us who love our Ford trucks, and the Powerstroke leaves a lot to be desired. Therefore we transplant the Cummins motors into our Fords and drive the baddest trucks on the road.
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