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This is odd

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today i had the valve cover off to inspect a few things put it back on and the engine, started and leaked checked good, went inside chaged my clothes and went to start it again, but it wont start, fuel pump wont come on so with the being the most apparent problem that is what i started trouble shooting, and it started with checking to see if power was getting to the pump and it was a no go so now i needed to figure out why that is, since i have a painless harness installed on the engine is is pretty straight foward where the relay and fuse is, checked power at the fuse(good) 12v so that is a good sign go to the relay verified 12v constant power, ground is good, but this is where it started getting interesting, the switched power is commanded by the ecm and i was only getting 6 volts (actually 5.66V) and a continuity check also reveiled the swtched power has a path to groun with the relay removed, so i figure i would wire in a differnt relay and get the pump going, got everything connected turn the key on and we have fuel moving so i go to see if it will start and nothing but cranking!!! so now i am thinking my ecm has gone bad, how i have no idea! but this is very odd to me, does anyone else have any ideas?
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Glad you figured it out!
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