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this may be a stupid question but......

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I have a 12 valve cummins thats going in my 05 v10 superduty.before i start my swap i got the motor without the fuel pump(p-pump is missing).my question is if I buy an airdog or airdog 2 system will I have to still by the p-pump to complete my swap?im a total novice when it comes to these systems and how they work but from my understanding they replace the factory p-pump ao I wouldnt need it.if this is true which model should I get,the one for a powerstroke or the one for the 12 valve?I read that the airdog 2 hooks up to the factory fuel line so i wouldnt need the draw straw.also how do i delete the old v10 fuel pump just pull it out?if i do will my stock filler gauge still work?
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thanks 04lariate,i dont think i can run my stock pump since mine is originally from a v10.since i have to get the pump just to get it running but ill still eventually get the airdog when i can afford it.i need to get off my *** and get this 12 valve installed.its killing me having the engine just sitting in front of me but its been really cold lately
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