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Cleaner with a FREE Carpet Brush & FREE 16oz Bottle!

If you have carpeted floor mats or have ever tried to scrub a stubborn stain from your interior floors you know that it takes some real 'grunt' to get the job done. This brush gives you the scrubbing power to take out those heavy stains.

That annoying stain. The one spot where your foot always rests on the carpet while you drive. Maybe its that spot where one of the kids spilled a drink. We all have a spot on our interior carpets that just won't come clean.

Sometimes all it takes is the right tool to get the job done, our Carpet Brush helps release those stubborn interior stains when cleaners alone don't get the job done.

Pre-soak the problem area with Adam's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner.
Scrub vigorously from multiple directions with the Carpet Brush.
Blot and rub the area with a clean, dry, lint free towel to absorb the residue.
Repeat as needed
This simple process using our extremely effective carpet cleaner and sturdy carpet brush will have you taking out stains that you thought you'd just have to live with.
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