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Posted about this 6 months ago but new stuff I found:

1985 F250 4X4 6.9 ltr Banks Turbo

35 mph, began missing and slapping noise form engine then would not crank.

Drained oil and got about gallon of clear water also.

Filled radiator, put pressure in and water coming out of "engine oil drian plug" after about 15 seconds.

I assume either a head gasket or a bad cooler.

Please, any thoughts.
Will a compression check with plugs out tell if cooler or head gasket. Not familiar with the "cooler" part.

I plan to rebuild the c-6 trans also, (slips, maybe band adjustment but 250000
on her anyway.

If I pull the engine: how difficult if I have all the tools andhow long, 2 hours or 2 days??

Who makes the best head gaskets and also would u replace bolts with studs and where do I locate these?

I Love this truck!!

Will have any troublebolting a c-6 from 6.9 F350 to mine (f250 6.9) ?

Who makes the best trans kit/convertor?

Sorry for all the questions but u guys are the experts.

God Bless

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Ouch! Yes somehow coolant is getting in either headgasket or your cooler, If you plan on pulling the motor Id do both just so you dont have to pull it 6 months down the road. The cooler is just a few orings and gaskets you can get a rebuild kit for them at your local ford dealer. As for the head gaskets you get mixed answers it all depends on whats available, me personally used felpro gaskets and have not had any problems. Since your truck is turboes now would also be a good time to add head studs. I can not remember the brand but its one of those if I seen the name id know it.

The C6 Transmission is not to difficult to rebuild, Ive done one myseld. With that mileage it could just need a band adjustment, but if I remember right thats just for 2nd gear. A rebuild wouldnt be much either, well depending on what all you plan on doing to it internally.

To pull the engine it all depends on how much help you have. The last time I had mine out we was outside in dead winter and there was 3 of us, it took us a good whole afternoon. Probably could of been done faster if the cold wasnt around.

The transmission from any IDI will work on and IDI 6.9 or 7.3 it dont matter, as long as you make sure its from a 4x4.
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