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No it sounds like he has the hydraulic parking brake set-up. Eeeewwwwww!

These electrical over hydraulic parking brake things are TERRIBLE.

There is a "black box" that controls the whole thing at the driver's left foot area. On the box there is a 2 digit display and a hole with two small terminals inside. To read out the codes you short the terminals togather (I use a screwdriver). If you can get the codes, I may have the book handy.

The most common causes of PB problems are a bad ground at the frame from the battery cables near the battery box on the RH side under the cab, a bad or failing isolation solenoid (under the cab on the driver's side above and infront of the parking canister in the service box), then contamination of the fluid in the reservoir.

There are TONS more things that goes wrong with these POS parking brake systems, but those three are the most common.
Codes 01, 03, 14, and 09 what are they
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