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Helping a friend of mine change his truck up for some upgrades he's making in few months.

He's changing his current Turbo combo and is offering the following


Industrial 64/71/.76 a/r with diverter and pedistal
Turbo will fit a factory downpipe and does not require any modifactions to the flange.
The .76 a/r turbine housing is internally wastegated.



BD Diverter Valve
.76 a/r internally wastegated turbine housing for 71mm turbine wheel (fits a factory downpipe, does not require a new downpipe flange)


T3 .70 open housing for 71mm turbine wheel
up pipe flange (optional)

the diverter should be fine with any pedistal mount, as it just bolts to the T3 side of the turbo, then straight to the up pipes.

if your dead set on getting the bd pedistal as well, we can work something out.

pm with any questions.

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