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Turbo over boosting

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Turbo overboosting at at low rpms start out a 0 idling around 2000 rpms its at 25 26 i have had turbo off and inspected everthing any suggestions
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Probably sticking turbo vanes. Oven cleaner works wonders. Follow with liquid wrench
Next check the actuator.
You would be well advised to get a good scan tool and check for codes. You could certainly have a stuck turbo vgt system (probably the most likely issue as posted above), but it could also be an EBP sensor issue or a MAP sensor issue.

Codes would help.

A good scan tool will retrieve engine parameters also. ForScan or ForScan Lite is the best "bang for the buck".

Once you can retrieve codes, post the code numbers. Simple scan tools, tuners, or scangauge will not do well at pulling all of the codes.

Once you can retrieve the engine parameter data, post the MAP, Baro, and EBP values at KOEO.

Until then, we can only guess, and guessing usually costs more money.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts