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First of all, I'm sorry that I have no pics. Now for the tools needed.

straight screw driver
13mm socket
10mm socket
7/16 deepwell socket and wrench
socket swivel
2 long extensions
1 medium extension

All of the CAC clamps are the 7/16" deepwell
2 bolts that hold turbo to pedistal are 13mm
4 bolts that hold pedistal to engine are 10mm
V-clamps that hold on exhaust and Y-pipe to turbo are 7/16" deepwell
other hose clamps that hold the turbo collector pipe are straight screwdriver of 3/8" socket/nut driver

First of all you will need to remove the CAC (intercooler pipes) from the turbo and the intercooler. You will see the black and blue boots on the CAC tubes and each one will have two clamps on them. Loosen the clamp closest to the end of the CAC tubes on all of them and remove them from the truck. On the front of the truck (intercooler) is where the swivel and 2 long extensions will be helpful.
Second step is to remove the air intake tubes from the airbox to the turbo. This is held on by hose clamps and will require the straight screwdriver. May be different for aftermarket intakes. Remove this from the truck also.
Next you will be ready to remove the turbo collector pipe. This will require you to unhook the map sensor, and the red line that hooks to the wastegate on the turbo in two places, one on the turbo and the other on the collector pipe. Also in this step you will unhook the sensor on the front of the collector pipe. Use a straight screwdriver and press down gently on the center of the top and pull out on the plug at the same time to remove it. Now you will be ready to loosen the clamps on the orange hoses that hold this to the air plentums and the v-clamp that holds this to the front of the turbo and remove this part from the truck.
Now you are ready to remove the turbo!!! There are two v-clamps that will need to be removed, one on the down pipe and the other on the y-pipe on the back of the turbo. They both take the 7/16" deepwell with the 2 long extensions and possibly the swivel, depending on how they are positioned. After loosening the clamps they will still be stuck on. The easiest way to break the clamps loose is to use a straight screwdriver and pop them loose, except you can't get to the rear one. After getting the down pipe loose you can take the bolts out of the top of the turbo. They are the ones that hold it to the pedistal. They are 13mm. After removing these you'll also need to take the clip off of the actuator rod for the EBPV. You can just slide it toward the pedistal. Now use a rubber mallett to smack the turbo on the front where the collector pipe goes. You'll probably have to soak it in penetrating oil for a while to get it to finally come loose, and still hit it very hard. When it finally comes loose you can remove the turbo from the truck.
Since you are this far you can now see the 4 bolts that hold the pedistal on the truck. You will first have to unhook the sensor for the EBPV on the front of the pedistal then remove the four bolts with the 10mm socket.
Now that it is off it will be a good time to remove the ebpv. The easiest way to do this is to buy the new pedistal and part of the turbo to replace the butterfly valve.
To reinstall everything you need to reverse the steps, but be sure to put in new o-rings above and below the pedistal. When reinstalling the turbo, do NOT tighten the bolts until you have the y-pipe and down pipe clamps on and tight. Have fun and hope it doesn't leak anymore.

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