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Too much into it now...
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This setup was on my truck for only two weeks.
I have sold the primary charger, but I have a bigger one coming. (If you want it, you have to pay what I paid for it, or buy another Borg Warner S480 style charger)

I would like to sell with the secondary, as the piping is all fabbed up to use it.
I just ordered a billet 64mm compressor wheel, and cover for it, along with a spring style waste gate actuator.

All piping has High Luster ceramic coating, inside and out. (Except the downpipe, it is only painted with high temp flat black.)

The BD Power diverter valve adaptor flange is also ceramic coated with a 2000*F+ coating inside and out, and port matched to the T3 flange gaskets.

Secondary turbo is a Borg Warner 66/71/.80 and I also have a .70 A/R for it...along with the billet 64mm wheel and cover, your options to making a turbo are: 64/71/.70, 64/71.80, 66/71/.70, and a 66/71/.80.

The Sound Performance Quick Spool Valve is also available yet, but can separate it as well.

This was on my 2003. I fabbed the piping so the A/C did not have to be moved.

This also comes with an intake elbow I made which has a V-band connection on it, so no hoses to blow off at all. In fact, the only hose connections are on the intercooler, which allow for engine movement, and the discharge off the primary charger. (Which should only be 30-40 psi max.)

Lube lines for both turbos, and special adaptor for the oil connection on the engine is included.

BD Power Diverter valve, pedistal and drain line are all included.

Will sell with my modified up pipes, which has no EGR connection, and are also ceramic coated, and had the bellows replaced with stainless steel expansion bellows from Irate Diesel.

I will part this out, but I need buyers for everything before I do. So if someone wants the turbo, call your buddies and have them buy the piping, and Diverter Valve and pedistal.

Turbo: With 64, and 66mm wheels, 64, and 66mm covers, and regular wastegate actuator, as well as the spring style actuator. $1300.00

BD Power Diverter valve, pedistal, drainline for T3 turbo: $700.00

Twin Turbo Piping: $2500.00 includes mounting plate, and all piping etc.
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