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2002 7.3L DP Tuner
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Well, On Saturday I replaced my leaking up up pipes with the international bellowed pipes. It was pretty straight forward, just time consuming. It took me about 7 hours from start to finish. I did have two rain delays.

The things I learned are, replace everything you can whilst the turbo is out especially the o rings on the the turbo pedestal and anything else that's leaks with the engine valley.

PB Blaster is a good thing.

The toughest nuts to reach were the uppipe nut nearest the firewall. I used a 1/4 inch drive 13MM to remove it. Also, where the up pipes connect to the exhaust manifold, on both sides of the engine, one of the two nuts and bolts were completely loosened. I don't know if they worked their way loose, of if they have been loose from the factory.

The tough bolt to reach was the passenger side outboard nut. I ended up placing a short 10mm combo wrench on the top of the bolt to hold it and using a 13mm to loosen the nut. It can be done without moving the fender well cover.

Other than that it wasn't difficult. One other thing, either get a top side creeper or some very, very , very heavy movers blankets and cardboard to lay across the engine. Steel is very uncomfortable to lie on.

fi anyone has any questions please ask.

The truck runs much better, EGTs at 70mph is about 600 max, and boost is back. I used the instructions I found online, and they worked very well .:laugh:
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