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To install the Upgraded Headlight Harness,
(I also installed silverstars while at it...)

1. Unplug the stock harness from the left side headlight BUT PLEASE NOTE the orientation of the plug (maybe even mark it before starting) - on the 05 Ex & 9008's there are 3 'tabs' holding the bulb in - the "larger" tab was on the bottom drivers side @ like 8 o clock (from the back (engine) side)...

2. Plug the stock harness into the proper plug on the Upgraded Harness. hey can only go in one... The relays are fitted into the other plugs.

3. Plug the Upgraded Harness into the driver's side headlight. Route the harness over the top of the radiator, under the jack handle mounting bracket. Unplug the passenger side headlight from the stock harness and plug the Upgraded Harness into the headlight. (again noting orientation...)

4. Next, attach the ground wires from the headlight plugs to a suitable ground. My "suitable" ground was the small bolt holding the upper fender to the inner fender on the top hood line drip line...

5. Lastly, attach the two hot leads to the positive terminal of the driver's side battery. The battery leads are fitted with fusible links and do not require an additional fuse, (on mine)...

Pictures to follow...

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