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What do i have left to do

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Hello all,
I am jumping on here to ask a simple question what is left to do to "bulletproof" my 2006 F350 6.0 powerstroke.
Here's what I have done so far all new parts listed below
EGR valve
ICP valve
IPR valve
stand pipes
dummy plugs
fuel injectors
glow plugs
Can someone please just give me a list of parts that are left to finish doing the "bulletproofing" on this pos truck so I don't have to
deal with any of this again please
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I seriously just need a list of parts where I get my parts was not a part of the question I know about "unreliable" parts
and buy accordingly.
i never once asked about unreliable parts I really just needed a list of parts to complete the "bypass" (if that's what you need) I am doing this in sections so i can afford the best parts for the truck.
BTW Mark "Bulletproof" is actually a reference to the first shop in Mesa AZ (Bullet Proof Off Road) that figured out the bypass to the egr issues with these trucks. I promise you I know this engine and for you to be disrespectful because I don't need your opinion about who does and doesn't make the best parts for my truck is ridiculous. So maybe you don't know what I need and you probably buy kits to fix your issues instead of doing your due diligence to find out how that particular part preforms for your truck. So no Mark I clearly don't need your help. :sneaky: have a great day
Please go away have nothing to bring to the conversation except trying to sell me on what ever parts company you work for.
I have not put on my HPOP or EGR cooler which btw i purchased directly for Bullet Proof all I wanted was a list of things to be done at the same time
you mark are an annoyance because included with the list of things i have left to do that would have been included since those two parts weren't included with the list of things that
I've done and they are important. The truck is a project I don't drive it and won't till all the repairs are made. Hell I'm doing the brakes right now and just finished replacing the starter
this morning. I know my truck sir and since you have nothing relevant to offer I bid you good day.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts