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What do i have left to do

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Hello all,
I am jumping on here to ask a simple question what is left to do to "bulletproof" my 2006 F350 6.0 powerstroke.
Here's what I have done so far all new parts listed below
EGR valve
ICP valve
IPR valve
stand pipes
dummy plugs
fuel injectors
glow plugs
Can someone please just give me a list of parts that are left to finish doing the "bulletproofing" on this pos truck so I don't have to
deal with any of this again please
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Unfortunately there are a lot of unreliable parts for the 6.0L. Some unreliable OEM ones, and MANY unreliable aftermarket ones.

Just replacing parts isn't the key to success. You have to install the correct parts.

Can you post up where all the parts you listed were purchased from?
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You clearly do not need my help. If you say that you know about unreliable parts, yet you post that you don't know which ones are unreliable, then I say you need a new/different truck. The two issues are inseparable on a 6.0L. Just the use of the word "bulletproof" indicates a rudimentary knowledge of these engines. There is no such thing as bulletproof. That said, I answered all these questions in the sticky thread that is posted just above this one - back in 2010 (it is the first thread listed in this forum - kept there for reference).

Oh, and the ICP isn't a valve - it is a sensor.

Best of luck
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LOL - with that approach you are doomed to experience the worst of the (quote "pos") 6.0L. Clearly you have already replaced a number of reliable OEM parts for some odd reason (with who knows WHAT quality part). Nothing wrong with ignorance until a person revels in it. You are at least right about the term BulletProof being associated with a shop in Arizona, but you clearly used the term generically, which is a complete misnomer. Additionally BPD never offered an EGR bypass, they offered a reliable EGR cooler. They do offer a form of a bypass on the OEM oil cooler, but that hasn't even been mentioned. Wow! Only a propensity for arguments would cause you to try to sell the shop reference as your intent. You didn't even mention their EGR cooler or oil cooler, lol.
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I think this person may simply want to have a list of parts replaced SOLELY to be able to say it is bulletproofed ....... in order to sell it to a teenager or unsuspecting person. No intention of reliability. No concern for the buyer. The company BulletProofDiesel, has answered these questions for countless people, by phone, by email, in the forums, on their web site, and in person. Here is a person that says they are buying MANY expensive parts from BPD, but clearly hasn't even talked to them. Hmmm!

OR (probably more likely)

+ for the 1 troll

LOL - replacing an unreliable '06 HPOP. What a joke, like that is a common problem part!

Does BPD even advertise selling a 6.0L HPOP .........go check it out!

What a shame to even have this thread here. Ālea iacta est
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