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I talked to Jody and he recommended

40hp tow - for the wife who can not watch the pyro and drive
80 tow - for me
80 econo - for running around town
120 for fun

with the mods I have (tymar, zoodad, BB turbo 4" dp and exhaust, and my new Spearco CAC) I wondered if I could tow in the 100 HP setting and keep the EGT in control. I can not afford any more tunes, 4 is enough maybe I should switch the 80 econo to a 100. After I thought about it econo is kinda crazy with a 11,400 lbs truck with 4.88 gears.

He isnt shipping till early August so I have some time to think about it


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You can still get hot pulling that much weight while using the 40 tow. I have seen this only while pulling steep mountain passes that are of considerable length. Just drive by the pyro & you'll be fine. The 80 is very good for highway towing on somewhat flatter ground.

The 80 econo will show you the best results on long highway trips. The 40 and 60 are hard to beat "in town". A bit more fuel on the low end for power and for me better mpg. The 120 and 140 are self- explanatory.LOL LOL

Just what I see, Edmguy
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