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Well I just went to start the truck and the engine light popped up.

Now, I haven't reinstalled my tuner/dpf/doc delete since my trans was fixed (which was warrantied). It has driven fine, regen'd a couple of time per usual.

I'm right @ 30k miles, and i'm due for my 5k oil change and fuel filter changes. (which could explain the problem)

so the codes:

3 DTC's:

-P008C: Fuelcooler pump control circuit/open

-P008E: fuel cooler pump control ciruit/flow

-P040D EGRT sensor A circuit high.

main concern is that I have stuff i need to get done today, tomorrow, and monday... can i just clear the codes and be ok till monday afternoon? are these just "sensor" problems (in relation to EGRT code)? hopefully nothing severe. *no towing/hauling will be involved, just low key errands, etc.

tried searching a couple different ways and only the dtc code list appeared when i searched.

Thanks in advance.

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P008C X Fuel Cooler Pump
Control Circuit / Open
This diagnostic will detect if the relay for the
fuel cooling pump has an open load error.

P008E X Fuel Cooler Pump
Control Circuit High
This diagnostic will detect if the relay for the fuel
cooling pump has shorted to positive voltage.

Sounds like your fuel cooler pump ***** the bed. you will be ok to run without it for awhile your main fan will kick on more often. Good to hear the tranny was on warrenty.

P040D X X X
Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Temperature Sensor
A Circuit High
This error occurs when the EGR cooler inlet sensor
temperature output value is lower (higher voltage
signal) than a minimum probable temperature,
indicating an open circuit or short to power.
N > 650 rpm
torque setpoint >53 N-m
ECT > 60 deg C
4.65v >5sec
Wiring, Tegr_IN sensor, PCM

You can see this one on the DD its probably reading 140*F all the time. So in short nothing major just drive till you got time to go down again.
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P040D is fine to drive on, but you won't have full power. It'll get you around though. It's more than likely a sensor. Can't vouch for the other two codes.
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