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since i have been pmed twice i figured i would post this again on the new site.

RECAL Recalibration of the ECU – Use only
when directed by a TSB
W301727 Oil Pump Fitting
6D000 Gasket – Kit Timing Cover
6E004 Cover Asy Inner
6E006 Cover Asy Outer
6006 Long Block Asy
6008 Gasket Set O/Haul
6A008 Dowel – Cylinder Head to Cylinder
6009 Short Block
6010 Bare Block
6G011 Tensioner & Drive Belt
6G015 Air Heater Relay
6L015 Washer – Cylinder Head Bolt
6017 Cover – Cylinder Timing Gear
6019 Cover Asy – Timing Gear
6C019 Grommet Cylinder Front Cover
6020 Gasket Cylinder Timing Gear
6023 Pointer – Timing
6026 Plug – Cylinder Block
6B041 Dowel – Cylinder Cover Plate
6K046 Stud Cylinder Head to Manifold
6F048 Gasket Cylinder Head Cover
6049 Cylinder Head
6051 Gasket – Cylinder Head
6052 Plug – Cylinder Head
6057 Insert – Exhaust Valve Seat
6065 Bolt – Cylinder Head
6B070 Plate – Cylinder Front Cover
6F072 Tube Air Cooler Inlet
6F073 Tube Air Cooler Outlet
6C075 Seal Front Cover to Block
6E078 Gasket Set Lower
6079 Gasket Set – Valve Grind
6L080 Cover Asy – Rear
6D083 Gasket – Rear Cover
6F089 Turbo Actuator – 6.0L only
6L089 Dowel Pin Cylinder Head
6N089 Plate Timing Bolt Cover
6F091 Sling/Kit Eng Air Cooler
6G091 Rear Engine Cover Kit
6095 Cover Plate – Fuel Pump
6100 Piston & Con Rod Asy
6102 Piston – Pin & Ring Asy
6108 Piston & Pin Asy
6135 Pin – Piston
6140 Retainer – Piston Pin
6148 Ring Set
6149 Ring Set
6189 Fitting Block Water Tube
6200 Connecting Rod Asy
6207 Bushing Connecting Rod
6B209 Tensioner Asy
6211 Rod Bearing
6212 Connecting Rod Nut
6B212 Bracket – Belt Tensioner
6214 Connecting Rod Bolt
6B217 Pulley Asy – Drive Belt
6250 Camshaft
6A251 Cam Bearings – Front/Center/Rear
6K252 Retainer – Camshaft
6253 Dowel Camshaft Sprocket
6A253 Gear Camshaft Drive
6L253 Arm Timing Chain Tensioner
6K254 Tensioner Pulley Asy
6A255 Camshaft Drive
6256 Sprocket – Camshaft
6258 Sprocket Lock Ring
6259 Nut – Camshaft
6261 Cam Bearings – Front/Center
6K261 Tensioner Timing Chain
6262 Cam Bearings Front/Center
6263 Cam Bearings Front/Center
6B263 Kit Timing Gear Set
6B264 Pulley – Belt Idler
6265 Spacer Camshaft Sprocket
6266 Plug Cylinder Block
6L266 Tensioner Timing Chain
6267 Cam Bearings Front/Center
6268 Timing Chain
6269 Plate – Camshaft Thrust
6L269 Key – Camshaft Alignment
6270 Cam Bearings Front/Center
6B271 Spring – Camshaft Thrust
6L273 Spring – Belt Tensioner
6278 Washer – Camshaft Sprocket
6279 Bolt – Camshaft Sprocket
6284 Damper Asy – Timing Chain
6287 Eccentric Cam Fuel Pump
6B288 Camshaft Sensor Asy
6C288 Kit – Rocker Arm Shaft
6K289 Stud Bolt Camshaft Tensioner
6K291 Spacer Timing Cover
6K292 Seal – Camshaft Front
6K297 Guide Timing Chain
6K301 Seal/Ret Crankshaft Oil
6303 Crankshaft Asy
6A303 Gear Engine Balance Shaft
6A304 Gear Engine Balance Shaft
6306 Sprocket Crankshaft
6B306 Crankshaft Pulley Spacer
6D309 Cam Bearing Kit
6310 Slinger Oil
6A311 Balance Shaft Asy
6312 Pulley Asy – Crankshaft
6A312 Pulley – Crankshaft
6C315 Sensor Crank Timing
6316 Damper – Crankshaft
6B316 Key Sprocket to Crank
6B321 Damper & Pulley – Crankshaft
6K321 Beam Crankshaft Bearing Cap
6C326 Bolt – Crankcase Cover
6C327 Tube – Piston Cooling
6A329 Adapter Asy – Crankshaft
6C329 Guide – Crankcase Cam
6C330 Ret – Crankcase Cam Guide
6331 Crankshaft Bearings – Front/Center
6332 Washer – Crankshaft
6333 Crankshaft Bearings – Front/Center
6334 Bearing Set Crankshaft
6C334 Cover Crankshaft Rear Seal
6335 Retainer – Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal
6C335 Gasket Crankshaft Rear
6336 Seal – Crankshaft Rear Main
6337 Crankshaft Bearings – Front/Center
6C337 Hub – Crankshaft Pulley
6A340 Bolt – Crankshaft Pulley
6C341 Plate Balance Shaft
6342 Crankshaft Bearings Front/Center
6344 Rear Crankshaft Seal Retainer
6345 Bolt Main Bearing
6C348 Pulley Asy Drive Bolt
6350 Bolt – Crankshaft Rear Seal
6C351 Sensor & Bracket Crankshaft
6A355 Washer – Crankshaft Thrust
6359 Spacer – Crankshaft
6A366 Plate – Flywheel Reinforcement
6A369 Adapter – Flywheel to Trans
6A370 Plate Asy Flywheel to T/A
6375 Flywheel Asy
(2003 & prior Model Years only)
6378 Washer – Crankshaft Pulley
6379 Bolt – Flywheel to Crank
6384 Gear – Flywheel Ring
6434 Spacer Flywheel Crankshaft
6477 Flywheel Asy
6500 Tappet Asy
6C501 Adj Asy Valve Hyd Lash
6505 Exhaust Valve
6507 Intake Valve
6510 Valve Guide
6511 Valve Guide
6K512 Plate Valve Tap Guide
6513 Spring – Valve
6514 Retainer Valve Spring
6515 Spacer – Valve Spring
6C515 Retainer Valve Tappet
6517 Sleeve Valve Spring Retainer
6518 Lock Valve Spring Retainer
6519 Cover Asy Valve Push Rod
6521 Gasket Valve Push Rod
6A523 Reinforcement – Valve Rocker
6524 Baffle Valve Spring
6A527 Bolt – Valve Rocker Arm
6A528 Seat Rocker Arm
6529 Arm – Valve Rocker
6531 Support – Rocker Arm
6A532 Washer – Valve Cover
6K533 Rotator – Exhaust Valve
6A548 Bolt Valve Rocker Arm
6549 Screw – Tappet & Rocker
6550 Cap – Exhaust Valve Stem
6K554 Rocker Arm Support
6563 Shaft Rocker Arm
6564 Arm – Valve Rocker
6K564 Guide Plate Asy Tappet
6565 Push Rod
6571 Seal Valve Guide
6572 Plug Valve Rocker Arm
6578 Tube – Lubricator Valve Drive
6582 Cover Asy – Valve Rocker
6583 Cover Asy – Valve Rocker
6584 Gasket – Valve Rocker
6587 Spring – Rocker Arm Lower
6588 Tube – Valve Rocker Arm Shaft
6A588 Guide Rocker Arm
6590 Washer – Valve Rocker Arm
6594 Seal Rocker Arm Shaft
6598 Washer – Spring Valve Rocker
6600 Oil Pump Asy
6C601 Tube Extension
6603 Body Asy Oil Pump & Filter
6608 Rotor & Shaft - Oil Pump
6C608 O - ring – Crankcase Vent Tube
6C609 O - ring – Crankcase Vent Tube
6C610 O - ring – Oil Cooler
6C612 Screw – Oil Pump Tube
6613 Retain Plate – Auxiliary Shaft
6616 Plate Asy Oil Pump
6A616 Plug – Oil Pump Relief Valve
6A618 Shaft Oil Pump Internal
6619 Oil Pump Gasket
6L621 Gasket Oil Cooler
6622 Screen Oil Pump
6626 Screen Oil Pump
6L625 Oil Filter & Adapter Asy
6L626 Insert Oil Cooler
6N626 Tube Turbo Oil Return
6A636 Gasket – Oil Filter Motor
6C639 Seal Oil Pump Body
6N639 Tube Turbo Oil Supply
6A640 Connection A/C Duct
6C640 Connection A/C Duct
6N640 Gasket Turbo to Manifold
6A642 Cooler Crankcase Oil
6C642 Housing & Shaft Oil Pump
6C643 Adapter Asy Air Cleaner Manifold
6C646 Duct Asy – Engine Air Cooler
6K649 O - ring – Oil Cooler
6N650 Hose Turbo Charger
6W650 Air Crossover Tube Asy
6652 Gear – Oil Pump Drive
6C652 Filter & Tee Asy Crankshaft
6N652 Gasket Turbo Oil Tube
6N653 Gasket Turbo Oil Tube
6655 Gear – Oil Pump Idle
6A655 Cover
6658 Supply Pump Reservoir
6659 Gasket Block Oil Pump
6660 Oil Pump Repair Kit
6A661 Bracket – Oil Pump Tube
6A664 Crankcase Vent Hose
6N664 Crankcase Vent Tube
6A665 Crankcase Adapter Asy
6666 Plug Oil Relief Valve
6B667 Indicator Asy Oil Level
6670 Spring Oil Pump Body Right
6673 Nut – Oil Pickup Tube
6C673 Back Press Solenoid
6674 Plunger Oil Pump Valve
6A674 Reinforcement – Oil Pan
6675 Pan Asy – Oil
6A681 Bracket – Oil Filter Bypass
6K682 Turbo Charger – Exhaust Drive
6C683 Engine Oil Filter Screen
6N684 Core Turbo Charger Turbine
6687 Plate Oil Pan Baffle
6691 Gasket Oil Filter Return Tube
6N696 Tube Turbo Air Outlet
6700 Oil Seal Cylinder Front Cover
6701 Crankshaft Rear Seal
6K702 Oil Pressure Release Valve
6K705 Hub – Oil Pump Idle Gear
6710 Gasket Set – Oil Pan
6711 Gasket Set – Oil Pan
6714 Element Asy Oil Filter
6A715 Hose Asy Oil Cooler
6718 Oil Filter Outlet Tube
6N721 Oil Filter Adapter Tube
6722 Seal – Oil Pan Front
6723 Seal – Oil Pan Rear
6728 Bracket – Oil Filter Bypass
6730 Plug Oil Pan
6731 Element Asy Oil Filter
6734 Gasket – Engine Oil Pan Drive
6737 Cover Oil Filter
6A739 Shaft Asy – Aux Drive
6741 Bolt & Valve Oil Filter
6K741 Adapter Asy Oil Cooler
6K743 Bracket Oil Cooler
6745 Hose – Oil Filter Bulk
6748 Fitting – Oil Filter Hose
6749 Gasket Oil Filter Cnt Bolt
6750 Indicator Asy Oil Level
6C751 Oil Pressure Valve Kit
6B752 Gasket Oil Sep/Cylinder Block
6753 Gasket Oil Level Indicator
6A753 Bearing Aux Drive Shaft
6N753 Hose – Oil Cool Water Inlet
6754 Tube Oil Level Indicator
6C755 Oil Filter Tube
6766 Oil Filler Cap Asy.
6K769 Duct Air Cooler
6K770 Hose Air Cooler
6K775 Cooler Asy
6N778 Tube – Oil Pump Outlet
6781 Gasket Set – Oil Pan
6N781 Housing – Oil Cooler
6N783 Core – Oil Cooler
6786 Bracket – Oil Level Indicator
6K786 Clamp Air Cooling
6A787 Hose Oil Fill Pipe
6N792 Tube Asy – Oil Cooler
6793 Hose Oil Filler Pipe
6N802 Hose Turbocharger Heat
6K827 Hose Oil Cooler
6A828 Ball – Oil Ind Blk
6A831 Gasket – Oil Filter Element
6838 Gasket – Oil Filter Mo
6840 Gasket – Oil Filter Ad
6B843 Support – Asy Oil Cooler
6W846 Gear Oil Pump Drive
6B850 Hose Asy – Oil Cooler
6B851 Hose Asy – Oil Cooler
6B852 Hose – Oil Cooler
6K854 Pipe – Turbo Lower Inlet
6B856 Cooler – Engine Oil
6K862 Plug – Oil Filter Adapter
6N862 Gasket Manifold Tube
6K864 Bracket – Eng Charge Air
6N866 Tube Asy Oil Cooler
6N867 Tube Oil Cooler Outlet
6A868 Adapter Oil Filter Hose
6870 Gasket Vent Tube
6881 Adapter Insert Asy – Oil
6K889 Duct – Turbo to Intake
6890 Insert Oil Filter Mtg
6A892 Retainer Vent Valve
6894 Bolt – Oil Filter Adapter Mtg
6A968 Oil Inlet Connector
8255 Gasket – Water Outlet
8A500 Cap Water Outlet
8501 Water Pump Asy
8A505 Hose Water Inlet
8507 Gasket – Water Pump
8A507 Hose Water Outlet
8508 Plate – Water Pump
8509 Pulley – Water Pump
8512 Impeller – Water Pump
8513 Gasket – Water Pump
8530 Shaft & Bearing – Water Pump
8546 Spacer – Pulley to Fan
8550 Slinger – Water Pump
8553 Hub – Water Pump Pulley
8555 Tube – Water Bypass
8564 Seal Water Pump
8575 Thermostat
8590 Gasket – Thermostat
8591 Repair Kit Water Pump
8592 Connection – Cylinder Head
8610 Pulley Fan
8A612 Pulley & Bracket Fan Asy
8A613 Spacer Idler Pulley
8A616 Fan Clutch Asy
8A617 Pulley Asy – Fan belt
8625 Pulley & Bracket – Fan
8626 Bearing Service Kit – Fan
8678 Pulley Asy – Belt Idler
8679 Pulley Belt Idler
8680 Bracket – Belt Idler Pulley
8687 Cap Idler Pulley Bearing
9K024 Rail Plug Asy
9C064 Crank Timing Sensor Seal
9C064 O-ring
9N104 Fuel to Filter Tube
9C131 Fuel Cooler Bracket
9C148 Fuel Filter Housing
9C165 Fuel Filter Cap Kit
9C166 Fuel Filter Housing & Tube Kit
9180 Bracket
9N184 Filter Element w/seal
9192 Fuel Valve Asy
9229 Gasket – Fuel Injection
9B246 STC Bracket Kit
9B249 Fuel Filter Header (frame mounted)
(2003-2006 Model Years only)
9B273 Fuel Pump Tube Asy
9C273 Fuel Inj Return Hose
9L273 Tube – Fuel Injector
9A274 Fuel Line
9278 Oil Pressure Sender
9J280 Fuel Supply Tube
9G282 Frame Mounted Fuel Pump
(2003-2006 Model Years only)
9285 Fuel Check Valve
9T287 A/C Manifold Asy Fuel Supply
9J294 Fuel Heater Asy
9D308 Fuel Return Tube Asy
9H323 Pressure Relief Valve
9J323 Fuel Pump to Fuel Rail Hose
9324 Fuel Tube
9C330 Fuel Filter Tube Asy
9A332 High Pressure Hose – Manifold
9J332 Tube Asy Fuel Line Ext.
9N332 Fuel Pump Filter Elbow
9B337 Fuel Return Tube
9346 Fuel Pump Mounting Bracket
9364 Fuel Pump Gasket
9C407 Elect. Fuel Pump & Isolator
(2003-2006 Model Years only)
9A413 Fuel Pump Cover
9417 Gasket Fuel Pump Mtg
9424 Intake Manifold
9A424 Intake Manifold to Cylinder Seal
9D424 Heater Inlet Tube
9N424 Intake Heater
9425 Intake Manifold
9A425 Intake Manifold to Cylinder Seal
9G425 Bracket – Manifold Pr Sensor
9426 Manifold & Thermostat - Exhaust
9A427 Valve Asy – Exhaust Thermostat
9D428 Heater Return Tube
9430 Exhaust Manifold Asy
9A430 Exhaust Thermostat Shaft Asy
9431 Exhaust Manifold Asy
9S431 Manifold Vacuum Dist
9433 Manifold Gasket Set
9E434 Intake Manifold Cover
9E436 Intake Manifold Cover Gasket
9G437 Exhaust Manifold Outlet Pipe
9J437 Exhaust Air Supply Hose
9G438 Turbocharger Asy
9439 Intake Manifold Gasket
9G439 Turbocharger Support
9440 Turbocharger Gasket
9G440 Turbo Oil Tube
9S440 Bracket Vac Sys Manifold
9441 Intake Manifold to Cylinder Gasket
9G441 Turbo Oil Return Tube
9P443 EGR Tube Adapter
9A444 Glow Plug Control Switch
9G444 Exhaust Gas Sensor Asy
9J444 Intake Manifold Support
9N445 Manifold Tube Asy
9A447 Exhaust Manifold Tab
9B447 Pulley – Exhaust Pump Thermostat
9D447 Clip Vac Tube Manifold
9448 Exhaust Manifold to Cylinder Gasket
9A450 Valley Pan Plug
9B450 Air Pump Mounting Bracket
9B452 Air Pump Adj Arm
9F452 EGR Valve
9454 Exhaust Manifold Stud
9N454 Exhaust Manifold Shield
9P455 EGR Valve Gasket
9P456 EGR Cooler
9L456 EGR Supply Hose
9A457 Exhaust Manifold Heat Gasket
9K457 Thermostat Housing
9A458 Exhaust Control Spring
9G458 Exhaust Manifold Plug
9P458 EGR Valve Asy
9460 Exhaust Thermostat Control Valve
9F460 Intake Manifold Shield
9J460 Exhaust Backpressure Sensor
9461 Intake Manifold Gasket
9A461 Exhaust Manifold Spacer
9E461 EGR Valve Elbow Housing
9K461 Lower Intake Manifold
9P462 Turbo Mounting Clamp
9E463 Intake Manifold Air Baffle
9F464 EGR Cooler
9G464 Manifold Heat Control Valve
9F465 EGR Bracket
9F466 EGR Tube
9P466 Turbo Pedestal Seal Kit
9467 Exhaust Thermostat Control Spring
9F468 EGR Tube
9A469 Exhaust Control Spring
9F469 EGR Hose
9J469 EGR O-Ring
9471 Intake Manifold Shield
9F472 Exhaust Gas Sensor
9L474 Manifold Pressure Sensor
9D475 EGR Valve
9D476 EGR Valve Gasket
9G476 Manifold Pressure Sensor Bracket
9D477 EGR Tube
9G478 Turbo Shield
9F479 MAP Sensor
9C480 Air Pump Pulley
9G482 Connector Pipe
9F485 EGR Tube to Manifold Connector
9G486 Turbo Housing Bolt Kit
9H486 Intake manifold Upper Gasket
9G488 Turbo Actuator Kit
9G489 Turbo Actuator Cover Gasket
9L490 Intake Valve Asy
9L513 Stand Alone ISC Module
9T514 Turbo Mounting Kit
9T516 Turbo Oil Tube
9N517 Inj Pump Gear Bolt
9T517 Fuel Pressure Regulator
9G524 Cover Injection Tm
9E527 Fuel Injector Nozzle
9U531 Intake Manifold Run
9F538 Fuel Injection Sleeve
9A543 Fuel Injector Pump
9J559 Intake Throttle Gasket
9F589 Fuel Injection Pump Gear
9F593 Fuel Injector Asy
9F598 Gasket Inj Tm Cover
9N693 Oil Galley Seal
9F695 Tube Turbo to Throttle
9C704 Connector Carb Air
9A705 Cover T Static Choke
9A714 Insert Thermo Choke
9F736 Elbow – Fuel Inj Pump Return Line
9G736 Throttle Body Kit
9B742 Throttle Control Kit
9G756 Fuel Pressure Rail Sensor Asy
9F759 High Pressure Pump Jumper Harness
9C786 Adapter Thermo Choke
9G804 O - ring Kit
9G805 Fuel Pump Cover
9819 Tube Thermo Choke Cnt
9820 Tube Thermo Choke Cnt
9N825 Throttle Control Actuator
9F832 Speed Sensor Asy
9F836 Pedal & Sensor Assembly
9F838 F/I Timing Sensor
9865 Insul Thermo Choke Cnt
9C891 Fuel Injector Harness Asy
9D930 Fuel Injector Wiring Asy
9E933 EGR to Throttle Body Gasket
9E937 Intake Throttle Housing Asy
9E939 Switch – Inj Sys Temp
9N951 Injector Sleeve
9C968 Fuel Pressure Regulator
9C977 Pressure Regulator Gasket
9B989 Throttle Position Selector
9C995 Inj Hold Down Clamp
12K073 Cam Position Sensor
12A342 Glow Plug
12A343 Glow Plug Relay
12A345 Glow Plug Relay Cover
12A360 Bracket Ignition Elec
12A379 Glow Plug Sleeve
12A406 Spark Plug Shield
12A510 Eng Control Relay Module
12K510 W/A Eng Control Module
12B514 Control Asy Eng Mileage
12B517 Adapter Spark Knock Sensor
12B522 Supt EEC Processor Bracket
12B523 Cover Trim EEC Processor
12B529 Vane Sensor
12B533 Glow Plug Control Module
12A534 Retainer EC Fastener
12B535 Cover Engine Housing Control
12B536 Relay Glow Plug St Ind
12B537 Switch & Wire Eng Control
12B565 Control Processor
12B577 Control Relay Asy
12B579 EEC Mass Air Sensor
12A581 EEC Sensor Wiring Asy
12B591 Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor
12B599 Fuel Inj Processor Asy
12B602 Eng Glow Plug Resistor Kit
12B615 Mass Air Flow O - ring
12B630 Cover & Seal Eng Acc
12B637 Engine Control Sensor Wiring
12A644 Barometric Pressure Sensor
12A646 EEC Relay Asy
12A647 Air Temp Sensor
12A648 Temp Coolant Sensor
12A649 Calibrator Asy
12A650 EEC Processor Asy
12A651 Engine Air Control Asy
12A659 EEC Bracket
12A680 Barometric & Map Sensor
12A690 EC Sensor Wiring Asy
12A696 EEC Outer Seal
12A697 Air Charge Temp Sensor
12A699 Knock Sensor
14A163 Wiring Harness Retainer

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im new to the forum and diesel in general, i've looked at new and used and noticed that the new f-350 warranty is 3 year 36,000 miles. however everyone talks about the older models having 5 year 100k mile warranty.

is the 5 year 100k warranty standard on the older diesel or was it optional?

also if i buy a used one, can i buy an esp through ford?

thanks in advanced
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