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After a number of emails, phone calls and topics about “What happened to HAPS”, I thought it must be time to let everyone know what’s going on. As of 12/2005, HAPS just completed 48 official HAPS events in 48 months. Not to mention probably double that amount of un-official HAPS events at my house in the same time period. The last 3 months, there have been a lot of HAPS events going on, just not as public as everyone is used to seeing. Plus this year has been extremely busy for me with family, work, house, yard, trucks and cars.

Below is what’s on the HAPS schedule for 2006. More will/can be added. As each event nears, I’ll provide more info.

I hope to see you guys/families soon.

April 29-30–Sat. /Sun. – Fun Ford Weekend at HRP (Baytown)

May 6th –Saturday – HAPS MOM’s Day Event – Crawfish Boil

May 23rd –Tuesday – HTC Golf Tournament

June 17th - Saturday – Lake “O” Family Day, BBQ and Camping

July 8 & 9th – Saturday – BBQ and Camping at Lake Somerville

August 3 – 6th - Friday – Sunday – PowerStroke Rally at Indy

September 9th – Saturday – Open

October 14 & 15th – Saturday – DHRA Event at HRP (Baytown)

November 23-26th – Thur. - Sunday – Houston AutoRama

December 9th – Saturday – HAPS/ HTC Christmas Party/TOT’s Toy Drive
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