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I am looking for some guidance and suggestions for my 08 Harley Davidson F250. I am planning to buy a set of BMF SOTA wheels, not sure if 20x9 or 20x10 is best. I want a quiet set of All Terrain tread tires (around 35 or 36in) that wear decent becuase I wont be going off-road much, if any. Probably through a field or on a beach at most. I know I need to do at a minimum a leveling kit and was curious if you all thought a quality lift (RDS, ICON) with quality shocks (Bilstein) is that much better than a less expensive leveling spacer lift for my application.

NOTE: I already have air bags installed on the back if that makes a difference for my rear blocks.

I would like to stay as close to $4k as possible. I would also like to know where you all by your parts, I am in Japan right now and dont think Louisville, KY has a decent 4x4 shop. I appreciate all of your help and suggestion in advance.

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