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Yup, thats what I'm doing.
Last night my 550 lost power and has no boost. bad noises under hood in general area of turbo. 49,120 miles. Radiator has been leaking for the last 30,000 or so but just a drip. Had to add about 5 gallons of coolant total.
350 swr had a new radiator installed at 47,000 miles. it went from dripping to making a decent puddle. Ford would not warranty that one even though it had been leaking from about 10,000 miles on the odo. After a string of profanity directed toward the service manager, he persuaded ford to buy the new radiator and I paid the labor.
8 weeks out to get a truck into the ford garage in Williston North dakota.
350 dually cab/chassis is running like a top, has almost 20,000 miles and no problems.
I need to haul my 550 over to Billings to get fixed, and buy another dang truck to keep things moving here.
Think I'll get a regular truck instead of a cab/chassis. I hate the delay off the line and the reduced power gets annoying pulling up hills.
Wish I could spend my money on booze and women like normal people.
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