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Who is using the PPE Tuner

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I would like to purchase a PPE tuner for my 08 LMM and want to get some feed back first. How does it work so far? What are your likes and dislikes? Has the check engine light ever came on?
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Its night and day with just the tuner (even the Economy)... depending on how you drive you will definitely see mileage gains and no SES light or anything of that sort. Our tuners all work within OEM standards as to not set any codes. What tuner have you been looking at?... and what exactly are you trying to get out of the tuner?
No... you will not have the added power through regeneration because the intake has a butterfly that restricts the air flow when the truck goes into regeneration. when that flap closes, and no air is going in, it allows the filter to get hot enough to burn off the matter in the filter... the truck is greatly restricted during the regeneration process.
yea.... if thats the case... we have a tuner (for closed course/ racing applications only) that has the ability to bypass/delete the particulate filter.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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