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I have a 2015 peterbilt 367. When Driving my pyro gauge climbs above 1100 degrees when pulling anything. To keep my pyro gauge from going into the red I can't pull a hill with speed.
The engine brakes are making a noise, but no other issues. Boost pressure is still the same. Truck doesn't slow down, I can maintain speed.
The truck is deleted. Has been retuned a couple times due to issues with the jake brakes previously. But was fine for the longest time. We are starting to warm up now, I'm having issues with my unit.
I was thinking possible turbo issues, but my boost remains the same. I'm not losing any boost pressure what so ever. That kind of rules out turbo issues with my variable vanes potentially having a soot build up.
I was also thinking the barometric sensor, if the air ambient read hole was clogged with dirt, or oil from water getting there from the shop hand washing the engine. I know that can effect my engine temps, since the sensor wouldn't be able to read outside air temperatures.
Maybe the ECM programming could have a glitch. Maybe the programming isn't regulating the fuel injector timing or amount correctly to match the compressed air to achieve proper combustion. I know over fueling can cause high engine temps.
I don't the EGR can be causing any issues with the unit being deleted.
Any other potential leads. I'm driving myself nuts trying to find a fix. I'm the only mechanic in my shop at the moment so picking another mechanics brain isn't an option for me unfortunately.
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