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Tools Needed:

17 mm wrench (stubby works best)
10 mm wrench
13mm socket 3/8 drive
3/8 drive ratchet w/ extension
7/16 wrench (ratcheting works best)
9/16 wrench
6mm allen wrench (works better if you cut the short end off some and make it shorter)

To make this easier on yourself and your arms/hands it works best to remove both bolts at the bottom of each uppipe. You might want to spray them down w/ some WD-40 or something a couple times before you try to remove them. Use your 10mm wrench on the bolt and use the 13mm socket to remove all the nuts. Then on the passenger up pipe you need to remove the clamp that goes to the EGR cooler. It takes a 7/16” wrench to loosen it up.

You can now pull real hard and get the pipes to move enough so that you can get to the plugs easier. Use a 6mm allen wrench to remove the plugs (Fig. A) from the back. These can be a pain to get the allen wrench in good and also hard to get them to break the seal.

Driver Side

Passenger side

Start w/ the driver side first because it is harder. Install the banjo bolt (thinner head on it) with fitting and crush washer on each side and tighten up until it is finger tight. (Be very careful not loose the crush washers, you can use a small amount of vaseline to hold them in place) Then install the fuel line onto the fitting and tighten the fuel line up w/ the 9/16” wrench. (You might be able to get the banjo bolt installed w/ the fuel line already attached) Then feed the fuel line across the transmission so that it just lies comfortably on top of the transmission. Install the passenger banjo bolt and fuel line the same way. Make sure your fuel line is lying in a good position that it won’t be pinching anything and use your 17mm wrench to tighten the banjo bolt up. Make sure everything is nice and tight.

Cycle your key a couple times to see if you have any noticeable leaks. If you don’t see anything of feel anything put your up pipes back together. Make sure you install the clamp on the EGR fitting before you tighten up the bolts on the bottom on the passenger side. After everything is tight start the truck up and make sure you still have no leaks (you can do this before if you want just make sure the uppipes are put back in place.)

Here is a pic of the X-over that comes from LIPD...


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Diesel 71 and I just installed one on my truck the other day. Pretty simple to install and works well. Seemed to smooth out the idle, and take some of the turbo lag away. Little more responsive when just driving down the road and you mash it. I think it's a must have for all 6.0.:Thumbup:

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Could you give me the size and how long that line is. I already have the bolts and banjo fittings.
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