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Hi! I recently purchased a Hyundai R55-7 mini ex with a Yanmar 4TNV94L engine that is blowing some oil out of the lower fill cap. The engine service manual, which applies to numerous TNV engines, shows a breather tube designed to reduce crankcase pressure by recirculating blowby gas back into the combustion chamber via a breather diaphragm.

However, on my machine, the intake into the diaphragm is capped, which is consistent with the parts catalog that shows a cap there rather than a breather tube. And I can't find any other breather tubes, either venting to atmosphere or recirculating in a different location. If I remove upper fill cap, pressure is reduced sufficiently that the lower fill cap stops spitting oil.

Any ideas about how crankcase pressure is supposed to be relieved in this model if the breather intake to the diaphragm is capped?

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